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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization with a dedicated group of volunteers who desire to see progressive change in Roosevelt County for the benefit, welfare, and overall better treatment of dogs and cats who enter our high-kill shelter system.


We also care deeply about helping the abandoned, forgotten, neglected, and mistreated dogs and cats that roam our streets. We network together, to be the bridge between death and life, by partnering with multiple in-state and out-of-state 501(c)(3) rescue organizations. We are the organization that connects the dots in a multifaceted way, to set the wheels in motion for safe, responsible, ethical, rescue coordination to be executed in the most effective way possible.


We provide foster home support, food, supplies, vaccines, spay/neuter, crucial emergency veterinary care, and transportation for hundreds of dogs and cats in our local shelter system every year. We promote education concerning spaying, neutering, and proper vaccination that every pet owner should be practicing within our community to lower the overpopulation crisis we are seeing in Roosevelt County. This will, in turn, lower the high euthanasia rates at Portales shelter that have been long-standing for years.


We advocate for ordinance changes that will benefit our local animals and improve the quality of life for both animals and humans within this county. We seek to partner with local city officials to shape the functions of our animal control shelter system to practice the safest protocols to control the spread of disease, and with community members to provide safe landing places for animals beginning their rescue journeys. Labor of Love Project is working around the clock 7 days a week to improve the quality of life for Portales cats and dogs.

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